When looking for a Therapist, we realize that the feedback of others who have experienced the services of a business and individual professional is valuable. We are including a testimonial of one of our Therapists, George DeShazor, LCSW that was submitted to us to share. Because the writer took such time and care to provide this to us, we wish to thank them and encourage you to also share your experiences with us.

While there might be issues that arise, such as billing questions, tech issues, fit with Therapist, administrative glitches, or anything really that impacts your experience, we highly encourage you to reach out to our team to problem-solve. We are going to do what is in our control to make the situation work for you, because we truly appreciate that you are here with us. In fact, you can complete this feedback form which will go directly to an administrator. As part of a therapeutic experience, we want to model problem-solving, communication, and encouragement of healthy dynamics in relationships. By offering you an opportunity to share your feedback proactively and directly, we hope to mitigate longer standing misunderstandings or concerns. We also welcome positive feedback such as this testimonial, to know what we’re doing well!

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Mr George DeShazor is an gifted therapist who excels in psychotherapy. While under his care, I have achieved various milestones and grown as an individual with mental illness. This was particularly important to me because I came to George in need of help with severe anxiety, depression, and fear. George was compassionate, methodical, and practical. He gave me tools and also listened. We have been working slowly and consistently to overcome my mental illness hurdles and diagnosis.

I am grateful for MySpectrum’s video platform. I am able to receive therapy in a comfortable and convenient space. This was more important when the threat of Covid caused many hurdles and challenges. George makes the tele-health medium work to our advantage and I do not feel like I am missing out on anything. Therapy is scheduled easily. Electrical and internet issues are resolved when encountered and George has a plan B and C (no exaggeration!). I doubt I will ever go back to office visits (vs video format) – one of my life challenges was rushing from jobs and in traffic to get to therapy appointments. This medium solves that.

In short – George is an awesome therapist. I would recommend him to anyone seeking therapy and who wants to tackle their mental illness or get through present life challenges. He leverages his life experience, professional experience, and empathy for people. He is LGBTQ affirming – the true kind, not lip service. This is found in short supply. He is kind, intuitive, and has a keen ability to hone in on details. He is resourceful with career counseling. Without sharing details that are private – I want the reader of this piece to know that he has been invaluable to my challenges with Bipolar and trauma.

To learn more about George, you can visit his page on our website.