Casual Therapy In Virginia

Many people believe that they need to be in “crisis mode” to benefit from therapy. But the truth is that casual therapy, or less intensive therapy, can be helpful even if there’s nothing seriously wrong with your life at the moment. With counseling from trained professional therapists, you can get help to sort out your life, find your center and get constructive guidance on moving forward, even if you don’t need a complex treatment plan. Sometimes just clearing your thoughts, shifting your mindset, and being proactive to prevent further mental health challenges on your life can go a long, long way. This is how therapy with MySpectrum can help.

MySpectrum is here to help with casual therapy in Virginia no matter where you live in the state. We connect you with compassionate, professional services whether you want help in-person or through teletherapy. Whether you live close to our North Chesterfield or Springfield offices or elsewhere in the state, we’re ready and willing to give you the comfortable, convenient support you need.

How Less-Intensive Therapy Can Help You

There’s often a stigma attached to therapy, and a lot of people don’t seek help because they believe their problems aren’t serious enough to warrant professional counseling. However, talking to a licensed counselor one-on-one can be extremely beneficial even in cases where issues seem relatively minor. Chances are, what seems minor today could end up being a really big deal later on, if left unaddressed. For example:

  • Talking to someone outside of your normal social circle can offer you a fresh perspective if you’ve been struggling with stress at work. Stress from a job can lead to anxiety, depression, substance use, self-harm, and other concerns that if not addressed early can have a severe impact on your life.
  • Speaking with a therapist in a confidential setting may be helpful if you’re suffering from social anxiety or have trouble forming lasting relationships with others. Isolation and lack of social connectedness can lead to more entrenched anxieties, panic attacks, agoraphobia, depression, and loss of hope. Addressing any hint of future struggles early is a proactive way to reduce the likelihood of more debilitating symptoms later on.
  • With casual therapy, you’ll have a safe space in which you can vent your feelings and receive solid advice for frustrations at home. When not addressed early, problems at home can lead to strained relationships, communication issues, and possible separation, divorce, and domestic violence.

In many cases, clients start out with weekly sessions and can reduce the frequency of sessions as necessary through conversation with their Therapist.

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We tailor our therapeutic approach to suit each client’s individual needs and personality. No matter why you choose to come to us, we make sure you’re always comfortable. We believe getting help can and should be an energizing, invigorating experience free from feeling stigmatized. If you’re curious about how we might be able to help you feel better, get in touch with us today or fill out the online contact form.