Therapy for Men

Men have feelings too.

Too often, having and expressing feelings is considered a more feminine quality or attribute unless these feelings are “tougher” feelings like anger, rage, or stress related to the demands of life as a man. At MySpectrum, we recognize the struggles of men and the pressure placed upon men in our society to be “strong”, “keep it all together”, and “suck it up”. We are here to tell you that these beliefs are not how it needs to be, though.

It’s okay to get sad, to be depressed, and to have anxiety about anything. It’s okay to not be sure, to lack confidence, to have low self-esteem. You don’t have to be tough, stand strong, and numb yourself to the world around you in an effort to “be a man”. In fact, maybe being a man is owning any feeling you have, seeking to understand the feeling, and working through any issues in a very transparent and vulnerable way. Taking that step requires an extra level of courage, belief in yourself, and bravery that not everyone has.

We are here.

Because MySpectrum recognizes that mental health doesn’t impact only one gender, we want to call attention to the mental health of men. We have over a dozen male Therapists on our team who have walked the walk. Contact us today to get started on your journey toward wellness and getting to know the real you.