Individual And Family Therapist In Springfield, VA

Looking for comfortable, confidential therapy? Get personalized support from a skilled, compassionate therapist when you come to MySpectrum. We’ll work with you for whatever you need, wherever you are. Our Springfield office will be opening soon, but teletherapy services are available now.

Our new location will make us easily accessible to anyone living in Springfield, Arlington County, Alexandria, Fairfax or Annandale and other nearby areas. The online counseling that we offer is available for clients located anywhere in the state.

When you take part in our counseling, whether it’s one-on-one therapy, couples counseling or family sessions, we customize treatment to you. Expect innovative approaches tailored to your unique needs.

Types of Therapy

In order to treat clients with a wide variety of needs, we offer a wide range of services, from family counseling to counseling for veterans. Learn more about our specific types of therapy here:

  • Individual therapy: We have one-on-one counseling available for children, teens and adults, dealing with a wide range of life struggles.
  • Family therapy: You and your family members can get group help for discord, grief, transitions, difficulty family dynamics, work/school challenges and more.
  • Teletherapy: Virtual therapy makes it possible to get help wherever you are, without leaving the comfort of your living room.
  • Telehealth for veterans and first responders: Individuals on the front lines of caring for the public often need support — available in this type of therapy.
  • Online therapy for students: Students from middle school to graduate school can meet with therapists — wherever they feel most comfortable.
  • Relationship therapy: Enhance your connection, heal wounds or move toward separation with professional relationship counseling.
  • Substance abuse spectrum: In our substance abuse counseling, we address more than the addiction. We work with patients to understand stressors, triggers and co-occurring issues, too.
  • Autism spectrum: Our autism counseling addresses a wide range of developmental struggles, from communication and behavior to social interaction.

Benefits of Therapy 

There are countless benefits available when you undergo therapy from MySpectrum. You gain a nonjudgmental place in which to be heard, for example. Likewise, therapists provide support, problem-solving skills, coping mechanisms, and help you handle internal and external stressors. Many patients experience significant personal growth and an increase in confidence.

To learn more about our counseling and how it can be an invigorating, energizing and even fun way to move forward as a person, reach out to us! Get started here.

Our Springfield Office Location (OPENING SOON)

6412 Brandon Ave #229
Springfield, VA 22150
Phone: 703-794-7307
Fax: 866-626-4469

Our MySpectrum Guide Site is a convenient way to get in touch with us for scheduling, cancellations, teletherapy portal access, making a payment, and communicating with our administrative team. Visit our Guide Site here for optimal communication with our team.