COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) & Your Mental Health. What Can You Do?

We all know that COVID-19 is a worldwide pandemic that can have drastic effects on physical health. We have witnessed these effects for well over three years now, and whether you are vaccinated or not, many of us still worry about the possible physical effects of COVID-19… Could we still test positive even if we’re vaccinated? If so, would we get as sick? What about those who haven’t been vaccinated? Or, should we even get vaccinated at all?

With these looming questions about the physical health effects of COVID-19, what about the toll on mental health and emotional well-being that most of us are experiencing? This is very real and that is why we are here.

It might feel like the world suddenly stopped existing the way you knew it some day in the Spring of 2020. Children were out of school for the remainder of the school year. They weren’t able to see their friends. Maybe you were planning to graduate that year and then you didn’t have that ceremony you worked so hard to experience. You might have started working from home, or maybe you weren’t working at all because your place of employment had to close up. The co-workers you once saw every day became distant contacts. Weekends and time off were different. You couldn’t go to the restaurant you favored and dine inside. Movies were watched from your living room instead of the option of going to the theater. Forget amusement parks or vacations. Your daily routine was jolted and most plans you had were either up in the air or completely changed.

Fast forward to now, and while we are gradually returning to some sense of “normal”, the feeling is different. Somehow, we were all changed by this experience and we’re still trying to figure out exactly how.

The impact of the pandemic may be creating an overwhelming sense of anxiety, perhaps panic and fear about what has happened and what could happen. Maybe you are feeling depressed or even grieving the life you lived before all of this. We experienced a collective trauma that we are actually still experiencing in one way or another. There are so many feelings and emotions that you could be experiencing right now, and for each person, these are different.

At MySpectrum, we want to acknowledge whatever it is that you are feeling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to make sure that you have the resources you need to continue to get through this.

MySpectrum offers a service we call Teletherapy. You are probably hearing the term “Telehealth” being used these days. Teletherapy is our version of Telehealth. Through Teletherapy, you can continue to see a Therapist as you would if you came to an office, but instead of coming to an office, you would meet online through our own HIPPA Compliant (confidential) online platform. You can log in on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. We offer flexible scheduling and accept most major insurance plans, including Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, and commercial and employer sponsored plans like Anthem, Aetna, United, Optima, Molina, CareFirst, Cigna, Humana, and others.

Because COVID-19 has left us with so many uncertainties, at MySpectrum, we are certain that our Teletherapy service will be able to provide help to anyone in Virginia, regardless of where you live in the Commonwealth. Our Therapists live in different parts of Virginia as well, so that you may connect with a skilled Clinician to meet your individual needs. While COVID-19 might have separated us from others in so many ways, we have also become more connected through Teletherapy.

To schedule a Teletherapy appointment, call our office at 804-924-2236 and choose option 1. An even faster way to get started is to complete an inquiry form here.

Our Therapists are trained and Licensed professionals, but also people. People who are experiencing this too. We are right there with you.

It is okay to not know whether or not to get a vaccine

It is okay to feel burned out

It is okay to not magically feel motivated to work out or take on a new hobby

It is okay to feel unsure and uncertain

It is okay to not feel okay!