Addiction Therapy In Virginia

Addiction comes in many forms, but often requires professional intervention.

Addiction is defined as a chronic condition that affects the brain in terms of motivation, reward, and control. Individuals with an addiction often incessantly crave a substance or behavioral actions to a point that it damages their well-being, health, and relationships. Professional support and counseling can make all the difference.

When it comes to addiction therapy, Virginia has many options, including MySpectrum’s counseling options. Whether it is drug addiction therapy, family addiction counseling, or something else, MySpectrum offers help no matter where you live in the state. Our compassionate, highly professional services are available in person and as teletherapy options. Whether you are based near our North Chesterfield or Springfield offices or elsewhere in the state, we offer access to convenient, comfortable support.

Possible Signs Someone Needs Addiction Therapy

Certain warning signs come along with addiction, no matter the type of addiction. These signs could indicate an individual might benefit from online addiction counseling, such as: 

  • Lack of control or a compulsion to seek or partake in a certain behavior or substance
  • Overlooking or disregarding commitments, such as relationships or work
  • Ignoring associated risk, such as spending too much money or disregarding health risks
  • Withdrawal symptoms, either physical or emotional, without the substance or behavior

Even though addiction is often associated with drug addiction, there are many forms of addiction associated with other behaviors. For example, some people may need food addiction therapy, gambling addiction therapy, or even support for sex addiction, video game addiction, or social media addiction. Regardless of the vice, however, the signs and symptoms can be similar in nature.

Benefits of Addiction Therapy and Support

Addiction therapy or support gives the individual struggling with addiction the coping mechanisms needed to move beyond the obsessive, damaging behaviors. All types of addiction can be difficult to overcome without professional intervention.

MySpectrum tailors counseling and coaching to meet the needs of the individual and then meets those needs in a way that is free of stigma, energizing, and rewarding. Contact MySpectrum today for in-person or online counseling for addiction. You can also get started by submitting a request for help via our online intake form.