Mental Health Spectrum

When thinking about mental health, each person is unique.

As such, the way each person experiences mental health struggles is unique.

While two people may have depression, each of the two people may experience the depression differently. Likewise, some people experience depression and anxiety, while other people experience panic attacks.

It is all different, and it is all on a spectrum.

At MySpectrum, we will meet you where you are in your journey to find relief from mental health pain. Our therapists have varied backgrounds so that you can find someone who is a good fit for you.

When you take a look at our MyTeam page, you will see that we have Therapists who have experience and interest in nearly any mental health area. They come to us with previous work experience, and in some situations, personal experience, dealing with various mental health subjects. It is through this diversity of our team that we believe we can meet you where you’re at on your path to wellness.

Because we offer both in person and online therapy, we are able to be creative about our approach and your match to your Therapist. Our Teletherapy providers live in various parts of Virginia (Central Virginia, Northern Virginia, Tidewater, Southwest Virginia, and somewhere in between it all). With this geographical reach, you are offered a chance to meet with someone who is as similar or as different to you as you might like. Wherever you are on the mental health spectrum, we have options.

Often, mental health struggles and mental illness are viewed as a “diagnosis”. While a diagnosis can be helpful in understanding what might be going on, the diagnosis doesn’t define you. You define you.

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