Identity Counseling

Developing a strong sense of self is vital to being a capable, mature individual. Unfortunately, struggles with identity can make you feel varying degrees of disconnection with your life. Whether it is issues with gender identity, where you fit on the spectrum of sexual orientation identity, ethnic identity, cultural identity, racial identity, or some trait of your identity established at birth or anywhere along the life continuum lacking a sense of who you are as a person can interfere with everyday life.

MySpectrum offers identity counseling, including gender dysphoria therapy and gender identity therapy, throughout Virginia. It is important to note that while our therapy addresses topics related to identity, we will in NO WAY work toward changing who you are; rather, we will work with you to understand who you are, as well as help family members, friends, and loved ones understand the very aspects about yourself that make you who you are as a unique human being. We can help no matter what part of the state in which you live, thanks to in-person and teletherapy options. Clients have physical access to our compassionate services at our home office in North Chesterfield and soon in Springfield where our new office is underway. 

Why You May Need Identity Therapy

People who struggle with identity can be more prone to several mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. Therefore, recognizing signs that you may need  therapy to deal with identity struggles, questions, and internal conflict is important.

Signs you may need identity counseling include: 

  • You’re facing difficult transition decisions
  • You deal with inner conflicts about who you are
  • You’re having a hard time processing world events in relation to your own identity
  • You have problems in personal and family relationships
  • You struggle to communicate to others about your identity
  • You experience shame, doubt, and confusion about your identity
  • You have faced discrimination or harassment in your community or workplace due to your identity

Sometimes, simply trying to cope or modifying behavior to conform to the expectations others have is more damaging than anything. When pushed aside, identity issues may lead to a distorted perception of who you are. This not only affects you now, but could have long-lasting impacts for the rest of your life.

The Benefits of Identity Counseling

Identity counseling is designed to help you wade through some difficulties associated with establishing a stronger sense of self. For example, individuals receiving  gender identity counseling may benefit by learning how to cope with negativity in their community, as well as societal stereotypes about traditional identities so they feel more confident about being who they are. Through intrinsic psychotherapy, people with identity challenges and questions connect with their inner self, so they feel more comfortable in their life. For those struggling with racial, ethnic, and cultural identities, identity therapy can help explore deep-rooted stigmas and historical biases that may be contributing to how they experience their world, and ultimately, how they view themselves in relation to their world.

MySpectrum tailors therapeutic approaches to meet client needs no matter where they may be on the identity spectrum, mental health spectrum, substance abuse spectrum, or any combination therein. The professionals at MySpectrum firmly believe that counseling should be invigorating and non-stigmatized in nature. In addition to identity counseling and online gender dysphoria therapy, we offer individual therapy and whole-life spectrum counseling for everyday life challenges. 

Contact MySpectrum today to find out about in-person and online therapy options.