Trying therapy for the first time may sound intimidating. You may be worried about sharing your thoughts and stories with a stranger or concerned about being judged. However, it’s normal to feel this way. Similarly, if you’re already in therapy, it might be difficult to find a new therapist if you’ve already seen one previously. Read on to learn some helpful tips on how to pick a therapist.

How to Choose a Therapist

  • Start an online search: Use a reliable directory or database to begin your search. Consider searching for a mental health office near you, then search its website for an individual provider. Most health care companies will have a list of offices/therapists, but try to find a database that is regularly updated and run by a reliable organization.
  • Ask for a personal referral: Consider asking for a referral from a trusted friend who has shared his or her mental health status with you. Consider that friend’s thoughts and opinions. Keep in mind, while friends can be reliable resources, not all mental health issues are the same.
  • Search via your insurance network: Using your insurance network, search for a therapist who is covered under your plan. While this search won’t give you results based on style of therapy or educational background, it will help you find therapists who are most likely to be affordable for you.
  • Consider credentials: Depending on the type of help you want, look for therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists with the right educational background and experience. As you research individual providers, look at their specialties and areas of focus. This can help you when choosing the right therapist to address your specific condition/need.
  • Try teletherapy: Consider therapists who offer teletherapy options. While in-person sessions are ideal for many situations, they’re not for everyone. Teletherapy offers convenience and can be worked into your busy schedule. This can also help broaden your “net,” especially if you’re having trouble finding providers near you geographically.
  • Consider the rapport: Once you’ve found a therapist and made a consultation appointment, consider how you relate to him or her. Does the therapist feel empathetic? Were you comfortable in the space? Does the therapist’s advice feel insightful and actionable? Does he or she seek consultation and accept feedback?

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