Suzy Christopher, LCSW

Suzy received a Bachelor of Psychology degree from The College of William & Mary and a Master of Social Work degree with a concentration in mental health from The University of Southern California. Suzy has completed leadership programs through Virginia Tech and the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services.

Suzy has spent most of her career in leadership positions that resulted from extensive clinical work with clients of diverse backgrounds. This includes working with, and supervising those working with, adults with Serious Mental Illness, children in treatment foster care, children in residential placements, medically fragile children and adults, community based services, as well as children and families at a Community Services Board.

Suzy takes a systemic approach to clinical work and believes that relationships are the foundation to change. Early childhood experiences and the impact across the lifespan is an area Suzy studies, and she has brought the whole person and whole lifespan approach to the creation of MySpectrum. Suzy began her career in Los Angeles, California, with the intention of gaining experience with people from different backgrounds and in different cultural settings. MySpectrum was designed with these experiences in mind, to bring an inclusive, diverse, and different outpatient practice to Virginia that works with every person, on every spectrum across the whole life continuum.

When not working, Suzy has a passion for traveling, and enjoys design, photography, horses, movies, college football, estate sales, and learning new things. She believes that you can never learn too much and transfers this into her leadership style.

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