Avery Ager
Administrative Lead

Avery received a Bachelors degree in English Literature with focuses in professional writing and gender studies from the University of Maryland. She worked in theater administration in the Washington D.C. area before joining the MySpectrum team.

Avery brings her administrative experiences, as well as her interest in business development, creativity, and helping others to MySpectrum. At MySpectrum, Avery could be one of the first people you speak with as she will pair you with a Therapist who can best help you on your journey, schedule your appointments with your Therapist, navigate questions about insurance coverage, and will work hard to ensure that your experience at MySpectrum is smooth and welcoming.

When not working, Avery spends her time cooking at home and fending off her two cats. She also enjoys concerts, growing hot peppers in her backyard, and hiking.

To speak with Avery, please feel free to send an email to the administrative team at administrative@myspectrumcc.com, or give us a call: 804-924-2236.